Thursday, 16 October 2008

Printing money

In today's edition of The Guardian, British artists talk about art and money.

"Any artist who doesn't secretly admire what Damien's been able to achieve is not being entirely honest. But that level of commodification is quite specific to Damien." About the individual Hirst works that went on the block, Julien is more circumspect. "Warhol's use of repetition had real intellectual meaning. Nowadays, I wonder if seriality is not just a way of printing money."

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herm & ute ich said...

Money is an index. Art is an index. Anyone strongly inclined towards the intellectual holiday of too closely confusing the two might usefully contemplate the life & works of JSG Boggs or Paul Etienne Lincoln's frozen assets. The article in question is about as serious as any article on bling can be without actually getting serious enough to read Sara Selwood's research on artists' incomes published in isbn 1-85437-270-X. Still it amazes me that Richter is up there at the top of the hit list. Read the collected writings and wonder if the buyers have. Then forget... forget... It helps.