Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Buy Warhol, sell Richter

Artnet predicts some trends:
- "Is this the season where prices for blue chip art finally stop going up? The answer is no. What’s more likely to happen is that prices for works by younger artists, which appear in part two of the day sale sessions, are going to stop going up."
- "The market will decline, this season or next, for Chinese contemporary art. The price rise in Chinese contemporary is a sucker bet based purely on speculation rather than on the quality of the work itself."

The article also gives some advice, after saying that "given the inflated state of the market, every artist should be a 'sell'". Anyhow, the author's opinion can be summarized as follows:
- BUY: De Kooning, Johns, Lichtenstein, Warhol
- HOLD: Bacon, Basquiat, Fontana, Rothko
- SELL: Christo, Doig, Freud, Gursky, Haring, Hirst, Koons, Prince, Richter, Tuymans

Give me a call when you sell your Richter, alright?

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